Individual Coaching for Better Brain Use

“Managing Energy, Not Time, is the key to high performance and personal renewal … .”
-- Loehr and Schwartz

Work smarter! Learn better by applying brain-based research to achieve and sustain the high performance and mental energy level you desire.

If you are dissatisfied with your current performance level or you feel it takes longer to complete tasks than you want it to, then you can benefit from individual coaching. 

Together, with Dr. Brodnax’s guidance, you will use your circumstances, tasks or assignments to determine how best to approach them for greater success. This on-going coaching will be tailored to the situation(s) you choose to address.

You could be impairing your own success and experiencing unnecessary anxiety, confusion or failure by not knowing the brain processes involved in effectively dealing with too much information, in constructing meaning/understanding and in creating memory that is sustainable. 

Learn when feeling overwhelmed, not understanding or forgetting is normal and what to do about it for you.  In this age of information over load, and extremely high expectations, learn how you can more effectively organize information, make sense of it, remember it and use it.

Loehr and Schwartz state: “Managing Energy, Not Time, is the key to high performance and personal renewal … .” This coaching will apply the most recent brain research to identify the best brain-based practices for using, conserving and recharging mental and emotional energy for sustained high performance and sanity in these complex and chaotic times.

Participants in this individual coaching opportunity will understand better how their own brain works and gain insight and practical strategies on how to apply the necessary brain-based processes to enhance their personal lives, educational and/or professional performance. 


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