Brain Compatible Teaching and Learning

You could be “sabotaging” your own success...

Work smarter! Be “sabotage-free” and learn how to grow and use your brain better for a more effective personal and professional life through applying brain-based strategies.

You could be “sabotaging” your own success and experiencing unnecessary anxiety or confusion by not knowing how the brain processes information and what the brain must experience to effectively and efficiently construct meaning and create sustainable memory. Learn when forgetting is part of the natural state of affairs and what to do about it for yourself and those with whom you communicate. In this age of information overload, learn how to more effectively manage information, construct meaning and create sustainable memory in yourself and others.

Participants will understand how their own brain works and gain insight on how to apply better brain-based strategies to enhance their personal and professional lives.

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This interactive training applies current brain research to teaching and learning and identifies the most powerful processes and strategies for managing and making sense of information, while efficiently and effectively creating sustainable memory.

Participants will …